Integrate Potion with your CRM

  1. Log in to your Potion account
  2. Click your profile avatar
  3. Click "Settings" option
  4. Click "Connect with CRM" button
  5. Search for your CRM in the list of available integrations
  6. Click "Add connection" button on your CRM option
  7. Click "Connect" button
  8. A popup will open with details of your integration
  9. You may have to authenticate/login into your CRM tool in the popup
  10. Select the account/workspaces you want to connect if you have multiple accounts or workspaces in your CRM
  11. Click "Connect account" button. Note that this button will look different for each CRM.
  12. Once connection is complete, the popup will automatically close
  13. Your CRM & Potion are now integrated and now you can pull prospects data directly from your CRM instead of uploading it via CSV. 
Still having trouble changing your domain? Please send an email over to and we'll get you sorted out! :)