Add more prospects to Dynamic Video with only personalized greetings

    Step by step tutorial

    1. Click on the video thumbnail to visit the 'Video Edit Page'
    2. Click "Add more prospects" button
    3. Copy-paste or upload a CSV file of only the first names of your prospects
    4. Click "Save & continue" button
    5. If you've already trained the AI with your voice, simply click on "Generate videos" button
    6. If you have not trained the AI, you'll see a voice recorder screen with the prospect greeting printed in the middle 
    7. Click the "Start recording" button on the first prospect greeting
    8. Record the prospect greeting (eg: "Hey John")
    9. Click the "Stop" button
    10. You can preview your recording by clicking the "Play" icon button
    11. If you're not happy with your recording, you can click the "Re-record" button
    12. If you're happy with your recording, click the "Save & continue" button
    13. You will see the next prospect greeting in the recorder screen
    14. Record all prospect greetings one by one
    15. One you record all prospect greetings, click the "Generate videos" button
    16. Potion AI will now start generating personalized videos from your Dynamic Video Template and recorded prospect greetings
    17. Once the video are generated, you'll receive an email

    That's it! You've successfully added more prospects to your Dynamic Video using only personalized greetings. With Potion AI, you can easily create impactful and engaging videos at scale, increasing your outreach and engagement with potential customers.

    For an even greater impact, consider adding more personalization beyond greetings in the future. You can explore features like mentioning the prospect's company or referencing a specific pain point they might have.