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How to Use Potion Extension in LinkedIn

  1. Go in your LinkedIn account
  2. Click "Messages" button in top navigation bar
  3. Search for the person you'l like to send a video message to
  4. Click on the message thread of that person
  5. Right below the text message box, you'll see the Potion extension icon button
  6. Click the Potion extension icon button
  7. You'll see the Potion video recorder opening
  8. Record and save your video
  9. A link of your video will be automatically added in your LinkedIn message
  10. Click "Send" to send the video message
  11. A preview of the video will be automatically shown after you send the video link

Ditch Text, Go Video: How to Send Personalized Video Messages on LinkedIn with Potion

This article takes the guesswork out of sending video messages on LinkedIn. With a step-by-step guide, you'll learn how to leverage the Potion extension to record, send, and share AI personalized videos directly within your LinkedIn messages. Forget copying and pasting – Potion makes video prospecting on LinkedIn a breeze.