Send your Potion Videos in Gmail

  1. Copy your video Gif & link
  2. Go to your Gmail account
  3. Click "New email" button
  4. Or click "Reply" button if you want to send the video in an email reply
  5. Paste the Potion video Gif & link in the email body
  6. Gif preview of the video will be shown in your email body
  7. Note: You can also send just the link of your Potion video instead of Gif & link
  8. If you'd like the Gif preview to be clickable
    1. Select the Gif preview
    2. Press "Cmd + K" on Mac or "Ctrl + K" Windows
    3. Paste the Potion video link in the hyperlink textbox
    4. Click the "Save" button
    5. This will create a clickable hyperlink for your Gif preview

Happy sending!