How to setup your recording environment

  1. Video Background: Make sure your background is distinct, uncluttered, and your face is distinctly visible against the background.
  2. Camera: Use a high-quality video camera (720p or above).
  3. Framing: Position the camera so your face & shoulders are completely seen in the camera window, and your entire head fits within the red oval. 
  4. Lighting: Make sure your face is evenly illuminated, the recording room is not  dark, and there are no sharp shadows on your face. 
  5. Audio: Make sure that there is no background noise and only you are speaking while the recording. 
  6. Gestures: Have a relaxed posture and avoid using any gestures that obscure or block your face.
  7. Mic: Use the same microphone device to record your video template and prospect greetings.