Getting Started with Zapier - Setting up Your Potion and Zapier Integration ⚡️

This article covers the setup process for integrating Potion and Zapier. You will need access to a Potion license (Growth or Professional) and a Zapier account.

Detailed Instructions

Step 1. Use the Zapier App Directory to find and establish your connection with Potion.
Step 2. Go to +Create Zap and select the trigger that is appropriate for you.
Step 3. Next move to Account → +Connect a New Account.

Step 4. Provide Zapier access to your Potion account.

🔒 Providing Access:

  1. Login to Potion
    1. Visit your personal profile (note this must be the profile that you want alerts about, if you’re managing this on behalf of a team you’ll need to repeat these steps for each unique profile - For now 😉 )
    2. Navigate to Your personal API token then select **Generate New Token**
    3. Copy the token to your clipboard
  2. Hop back into Zapier

Step 5. Complete the test step by hitting Continue with selected record

At this point you have setup Zapier to retrieve information from Potion.

That's it - Now that Potion is Connected to Zapier you're ready to build these automations! 


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This guide has equipped you with the foundational knowledge to connect Zapier with your Potion account. You've learned how to navigate the Zapier interface, establish a connection with Potion, and authenticate your account. With this foundation in place, you're now prepared to explore the exciting world of Zaps and unlock the potential for automating various tasks within your workflow.

Ready to put your newfound knowledge to the test? Explore the included sections to discover how to receive Slack notifications for video views and automate video generation – just a taste of the possibilities that await you with Zapier and Potion!