Why is there an Error on my video?

There could be three reasons you're getting an error on the video - 

  • Incorrect greeting recording (Solution: Re-record greeting audio)
  • Incorrect prospect information (Solution: Change background URL)
  • AI could not detect a face (Solution: Re-record video template)


Let's explore them one by one -

Incorrect greeting recording

  • There is too much background noise in your recording environment
  • Recorded greeting does not have any words
  • Recorded greeting is shorter than 0.5 seconds
  • Recorded greeting is longer than 3.5 seconds


Incorrect prospect information

  • Background screenshot URL is not accessible 
  • Prospect name has special characters (eg: umlaut)
  • Prospect email has special characters (eg: umlaut)


AI could not detect a face

  • The recording room is too dark
  • Your face is partially cut off from the video frame
  • Your face is in a full side-pose 
  • More than one faces were detected in the video template
  • You are moving too fast in the video
  • One side of your face is illuminated way more than the other
  • Recorded video template has too much background noise