Why Do I Need To Give The Email Addresses Of My Prospects?

When using Potion to do AI video outreach, you might wonder why prospect email addresses are required. Here's the key: email addresses act as a unique identifier, allowing Potion to help craft truly personalized videos for each recipient.

Imagine this: you have two potential clients named Jenny, each from a different company with distinct needs. You wouldn't use the same generic video pitch for both, right? Potion understands this. By providing email addresses, you ensure each Jenny receives a tailored video.

Here's how email addresses make a difference:

  • Unique Backgrounds: Let's say Jenny at Company A works in the finance industry, while Jenny at Company B works in marketing. Potion can leverage the email addresses to differentiate the video backgrounds based on their individual website URLs provided by you.
  • Personalized Introductions: Beyond backgrounds, email addresses can unlock the potential for personalized greetings. Imagine the impact of a video that starts with "Hi Jenny, from [Company A]" – a simple touch that instantly grabs attention.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Email addresses also allow Potion to track video engagement. You can see which Jennys (or other prospects) watched the entire video, clicked on CTAs, or expressed further interest. This valuable data helps you refine your outreach strategy.

Alternative: Using LinkedIn Profile Links

While email addresses offer a more versatile personalization approach, Potion also allows using LinkedIn profile links for identification. However, email addresses provide a more consistent and secure method. Here's why:

  • Multiple LinkedIn Profiles: Some professionals have multiple LinkedIn profiles, which could lead to sending the wrong video to the wrong recipient.
  • Limited Data Access: Using LinkedIn profiles requires navigating privacy settings, and accessing the specific information needed for personalization might not always be possible.

Overall, providing email addresses unlocks the full potential of Potion's personalization features. Thus ensuring your prospects receive video messaging that is truly unique, impactful, and tailored for them.

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