What is Potion?


Potion is an AI video tool that allows you to generate AI personalized videos in bulk automatically. All you have to do is record a video template, select parts of the template that you'd like to personalize, and Potion's AI will automatically generate personalized videos for you. It's like mail-merge, but for videos. 

What's super cool is that all your personalized videos come with accurate lip-sync, not just a poorly dubbed voice-over but also customized background recordings. 

On top of that, you can also record "regular" videos using Potion. You know, things like - front camera videos, screen recordings, picture-in-picture style screen recordings, and you can even upload your own videos on Potion. 

After you record your video, you get the powers to customize the video page with your own branding, domain name and you can even embed widgets, CTA buttons, and gifs on your video.

By automating the process of video creation and personalization, Potion empowers salespeople to connect with prospects on a deeper level, leading to increased engagement and conversion rates.

How Does Potion Work?

Here's a breakdown of Potion's core functionality:

    1. Click on “Create new video” button on your Dashboard
      what is potion videos

    2.  Select “Personalize only greeting” and record your video. Be sure to start with "Hey there" as this will be used to personalize names by our AI.
      what is potion ai

    3. Add names, record them (or train your AI voice to generate this seamlessly) and our Potion will generate truly personalized videos for you!

Please note: This spotlight highlights the "Personalize Greeting" feature, but that's just the tip of the iceberg! We're constantly innovating and adding new functionality to Potion. By the time you encounter this, you might have access to even more features designed to streamline your video creation process.

To explore Potion's full potential and see all the latest features, head over to our website and request a walkthrough or demo. Our friendly support team is also happy to answer any questions you might have.

Benefits of Using Potion

By incorporating Potion into your sales prospecting strategy, you can expect to reap several benefits:

  • Increased Engagement: Personalized videos are significantly more engaging than traditional text-based emails or generic video messages. Prospects are more likely to watch a video tailored specifically to them. Thus leading to a higher chance of capturing their interest.

  • Improved Conversion Rates: Personalized videos can help you convert leads into paying customers more effectively by fostering deeper connections with prospects.

  • Better (& Faster) Objection Handling: Analyze common sales objections for your product or service. Then, create video templates addressing these objections directly.  For example, if a common objection is price, have a template where you discuss the value proposition and the long-term return on investment your product offers. When you encounter a new client, simply generate a fresh, new personalized video by adding the prospect's name to the template.

  • Enhanced Efficiency: Potion streamlines the video creation process, saving salespeople valuable time and resources. They can focus on crafting targeted messaging rather than spending hours editing videos.

  • Scalability: Potion allows you to personalize videos at scale. Thereby enabling you to reach a wider audience without sacrificing the power of personalization.

  • Enhanced Credibility: Seeing you address users concerns head-on in a personalized video builds trust and positions you as a knowledgeable and solutions-oriented.

  • Multi-Channel Delivery: Once you've created a personalized video, Potion allows you to share it via various channels, including email, social media, and text messaging. This flexibility ensures your message reaches prospects on their preferred platforms. You can use our chrome extension to conduct outreach on Gmail & LinkedIn as well.
  • Data Integration: Potion integrates with 50+ sales and marketing platforms, allowing you to seamlessly import prospect data. This data can include names, companies, website URLs, and any other relevant information you wish to use.

Who Can Benefit from Potion?

Potion is a valuable tool for a wide range of professionals, including:

  • Agency Owners: Potion can not only help you with your video prospecting for agency needs, but can offer other perks as well:

    • Client Acquisition: Instead of sending generic proposals, agency owners can use Potion as an integral part of their agency tech stack to create personalized videos for potential clients. These videos can highlight the agency's expertise, showcase their work with similar clients, and directly address the prospect's specific needs. This personalized approach can significantly improve the chances of landing new clients.

    • Team Communication: For agencies doing remote selling, Potion can be a valuable tool for internal communication. Agency owners can create personalized video messages to keep their team informed, motivate them, and provide project updates. This approach adds a personal touch that can foster stronger team relationships.

    • Client Management: You can enhance client communication and relationships, which will directly help you grow agency business to greater heights. Agency owners can create personalized videos to thank clients for their business, provide more engaging project updates, or address client concerns. This personalized communication can strengthen client loyalty and trust.

  • Sales Teams: Salespeople can create personalized prospecting videos to connect with leads, nurture relationships, and close deals more efficiently. Still confused? Think of it simply like a video sales letter.
  • Marketing Professionals: Marketers can create personalized video content for social media campaigns, email marketing initiatives, and other marketing efforts. This helps them leverage video storytelling in marketing initiatives.
  • Customer Support Teams: CS teams can create personalized video responses to complex inquiries or troubleshooting steps. By using Potion, customer support teams can:

    • Improve Resolution Times: Personalized video tutorials can help customers understand solutions faster, leading to quicker issue resolution.

    • Enhance Customer Satisfaction: Video responses can demonstrate empathy and a willingness to go the extra mile, fostering customer satisfaction and loyalty.

    • Reduce Support Costs: By providing clear video instructions, customer support teams can potentially deflect repetitive inquiries, freeing up resources to handle more complex issues.

  • Recruiters: Recruiters can create personalized video messages to attract top talent and showcase their company culture. 

In conclusion, Potion is a revolutionary video prospecting tool that empowers sales professionals to connect with prospects on a more personal level. With its user-friendly interface, AI-powered personalization, and multi-channel delivery capabilities, Potion can significantly enhance your outreach strategy and drive better results.