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  2. Clone your voice using Potion Voice AI

Train Potion AI to clone your voice

Step by step tutorial

  1. Note: This feature is only available on paid accounts
  2. Visit https://app.sendpotion.com/synthetic
  3. Click "Train Potion AI" button
  4. You will see a list of 30 sentences
  5. Once you record the 30 sentences, your AI will start training
  6. Click the "Record sentence" button of the first sentence
  7. You'll see a recorder screen with the sentence printed in the middle 
  8. Click the "Start recording" button
  9. Record the sentence
  10. Click the "Stop" button
  11. You can preview your recording by clicking the "Play" icon button
  12. If you're not happy with your recording, you can click the "Re-record" button
  13. If you're happy with your recording, click the "Save & continue" button
  14. You will see the next sentence from the list in the recorder screen
  15. Record all the sentences one by one
  16. One you record all the sentences, click the "Start training Potion AI" button
  17. It will take about 24 hours to train your AI
  18. Once your AI is trained, your Potion account will auto-generate greetings directly from text

Congratulations! You've successfully trained our video sales software to clone your voice. Now, when you create videos, your AI can automatically generate greetings that sound just like you. This personalized touch can significantly enhance your audience engagement and video prospecting efforts.

For any further questions or troubleshooting, feel free to visit our Help Center or contact our support team.