Team user metrics

  1. Note: Team user metrics are only available for Team Admins
  2. Go to your Potion account
  3. Click "Admin" button in your navigation menu on left hand side
  4. Click "Users" tab, if you're not already on it
  5. You'll see a list of all Potion users in your team
  6. For each user, you'll see these metrics:
    1. Clicks: Total number of clicks on CTA buttons on all the videos made by the user
    2. Views: Total number of video page views on all the videos made by the user
    3. Generated videos: Total number of Dynamic videos and Dynamic screen recordings generated by the user
    4. Static videos: Total number of Static videos recorded by the user
    5. Screen recordings: Total number of Screen recordings and Screen & face recordings made by the user


Team user metrics provide valuable insights into your team's Potion usage. By monitoring these metrics (Clicks, Views, Generated videos, Static videos, Screen recordings) for each team member, you can assess individual contributions, identify areas for improvement, and track overall team engagement with the platform.

As a Team Admin, you can leverage this data to inform training needs, content creation strategies, and overall team effectiveness with Potion.

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