Record a Static video

Static videos are also known as "Frontcam" or "Front camera" videos. These videos allow you to record yourself. 

    Step by step tutorial

      1. Click "Creation Potion Videos" option in the navigation on the left hand side
      2. You will see all the recording options
      3. Move your mouse over to "Record Static Video" option
      4. Click "Start recording" button
      5. Wait for a few moments for your camera to start
      6. Once your camera starts, click "Start recording" button
      7. You will see a 3 second countdown timer
      8. Record your video
      9. Click "Stop" button
      10. If you'd like to preview your recording, click "Play" icon button
      11. If you'd like to do a re-take, click "Re-record" button
      12. If you're happy with your video, click "Save & continue" button
      13. Your video will be saved and you will be redirected to the My Videos page