Individual video metrics

  1. Note: Individual video metrics are only available on Dynamic Videos and Dynamic Screen Recordings
  2. Click on the video thumbnail to visit the 'Video Edit Page'
  3. You'll see the "Video template stats" section on the right hand side
  4. Videos generated: Number of videos in this video template that have completed processing and ready to be sent to prospects
  5. Videos generating: Number of videos in this video template that are still processing
  6. Videos viewed: Number of video views. This number is the number of unique people who have seen either the video template or the generated video
  7. Errors: Number of errors in processing. The reason for errors could be
    1. Invalid audio input (eg: audio with no sound)
    2. Invalid video input (eg: no face present in the video template)
    3. Invalid screenshot URL input (eg: invalid or broken webpage link)
  8. Videos clicked: Number of clicks on your CTA button by unique individuals


Click by click walkthrough

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