Allowing / whitelisting Potion domains

Domains, Protocols and Ports required for Potion to work on your servers

If you're recording on a protected network, there can be firewalls/proxies blocking your ability to record Potion videos successfully. 


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  • Potion video recorder shows as a blank box
  • Abrupt recording endings - due to 1006 websocket error



  • Whitelist Potion Domains, Protocols and Ports in your firewall.  
  • In the case you're decrypting SSL traffic and are having issues, please turn off decryption to non-URL SSL traffic on your network. 


Domains to whitelist / allow:



Protocols to whitelist / allow:

  • wss
  • https


Ports to whitelist / allow:

  • 80
  • 443


To do this, you may need to contact your network administrator to configure your firewall and allow the above. We recommend exempting all the addresses from any type of scanning (ex: SSL decryption, Anti-virus scanning).

In conclusion, by whitelisting the specified domains, protocols, and ports in your firewall, you can ensure that your firewall or proxy doesn't block Potion from recording videos successfully on protected networks. If you're facing issues due to SSL decryption, temporarily disabling it for non-URL SSL traffic on your network might also be necessary.

It's recommended to consult with your network administrator to implement these changes and exempt the whitelisted addresses from any scanning processes like SSL decryption or antivirus scanning. This will allow Potion to function smoothly while recording videos on your protected network.