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How to setup Live Chat on your video landing pages

Use chat to convert prospects that need questions answered prior to setting a meeting!


Example of chat on a Potion video landing page

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Why would I provide a chat function to prospects and customers? 

Things to know before starting with Chat

  1. Potion doesn't provide the live chat functionality. Instead we provide the ability to embed an existing chat application on the landing page such as Hubspot's Conversations Inbox, Drift, Intercom etc 
  2. It's worth assessing whether or not you can deliver a good experience to viewers via chat. People expect near instant communication over chat. If you've got a small but mighty team like we do make sure to set a schedule that can be adhered to and disable the chat when you're not staffing it. 
  3. If you configure chat it will be available on all past and future videos that are recorded in that workspace
  4. You must have one of the following roles in the workspace:
    1. Owner
    2. Workspace Editor

    3. Some other (new) role with theme editing permissions

Let's get started

Video Explanation 


Written Steps:

Steps to configure livechat on your potion landing pages - In this example we'll use Hubspot Chat. This assumes you already have an inbox configured. If you haven't configured an inbox before use this link

  1. Login to hubspot 
  2. Navigate to Settings -> Inbox -> Inboxes -> Hover the inbox you want to embed -> Select Edit -> Tracking Code
  3. Copy Tracking Code to Clipboard 
    Screenshot 2023-11-23 at 1-38-55 PM-png
  4. Login to Potion
  5. Navigate to Theme -> Add Scripts Tag to Potion Video Page
    Screenshot 2023-11-23 at 1-40-00 PM-png
  6. Paste script tag in field labelled "Paste script tag here" and select Valid
  7. Navigate to a live video page (specifically not theme preview) to confirm that it appears. Use an incognito window as if you're a recipient. 

    That's it! - If you need any assistance don't hesitate to reach out to a member of the team! 

By adding live chat to your Potion video landing pages, you can increase conversions, improve customer satisfaction, and meet visitor expectations. Remember, Potion itself doesn't provide chat functionality, but you can easily embed an existing live chat application you already use. Just be sure you can staff the chat for near-instant communication to deliver a positive experience.

Following the steps outlined in this guide, with either the video explanation or written instructions, you can quickly configure live chat on your Potion landing pages using your preferred provider. If you have any questions or need help, don't hesitate to contact the Potion team!